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One of the most popular products for private label beverages is energy drink. Constantly increasing market demand for energy drinks shows that there is a huge potential for these products. MyDrink Beverages sees a huge demand for energy drinks both in Eastern and Western Europe. Moreover, we are also supplying energy drinks for Asia, Africa and Middle East. When there are so much suppliers, how to be different?

The problem here is to optimize the production and logistic chain to have the best possible price. Five years ago people usually bottled product with local energy drinks manufacturers. Nowadays everything has changed. There are huge amounts of energy drink manufacturers across the world. However, each of them is different. For example, usually MOQ for sprayed cans is 150 000 pieces, but one manufacturer in Belgium can offer you 0,21 EUR/can price and another can offer you 0,18 EUR/can. What is the difference? Usually there are no differences. Product is the same. However, the price can show manufacturers ability to optimize energy drink manufacturing process. Nowadays it is very important to offer good price for private label energy drinks as market is very competitive and in case you marketing will not be very special you will have to fight with a better price. This is quite hard to do in this competitive market.

MyDrink Beverages is working with 80 energy drink manufacturers in Europe and Asia. Each day we get newest prices for energy drink all around the world. Was does it mean? It means that we know the market pulse and we know where and how to bottle your drink at best possible conditions. In case you want to be competitive we are the one who can help you out. There are several reasons why you should choose us:

1. We work with 80 energy drink manufacturers in Europe and Asia

2. We are selling millions of can every year

3. We get the best possible pricing

4. We know how the system works

5. We can help you out with negotiations with energy drink manufacturers